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We welcome you at Juvilase. Our team consists of Dr Benjamin de La Tour, general practitioner who has followed the Swiss Lasertherapy official program training for Lasertherapy types I, III, IV, VI, and Virginie de La Tour who is a doctor in pharmacy with a Swiss Lasertherapy Assistant degree. They both attended a complementary course about the vulvovaginal lasertherapy, with the gynecologists Pr Dr Med Petra Stute and Pr Dr Med Harald Meden at Berne's Inselspital.

The practice of general medicine brings quickly to the statement that to be healthy is not only about screening and treating diseases, but also about reclaiming your body. Too many people suffer in silence from skin or mucosal aging problems. As recalled by the WHO since 1946: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".​

Many women are troubled with daily menopause issues. Most of them only talk about the tip of the iceberg during medical appointments (hot flushes...) without daring to talk about their intimacy problems. Then it came naturally that our team wanted to look after further informations on the latest advances on this topic. This is how we learnt that vaginal laser resurfacing was a safe and efficacious treatment. As Dr de La Tour was already particularly interested in new technologies and aesthetic treatments and learning about these in the dermatologic field (especially at the Smartaging Swiss Academy of Zurich), it came naturally that Juvilase was created and equipped with a laser platform which could be effective in both domains.

At Juvilase, our main medico-aesthetic activity is about vaginal and facial rejuvenation. The consequences of aging on skin tissue can be numerous: wrinkles, dull complexion, too obvious skin pores, "age spots"...and a lack of self-esteem. On the vaginal level, the result is a dryness which can cause urinary losses, urinary or genital recurrent infections, a lack of sexual pleasure and even pain during intercourse, with important consequences on the couple's life...hard to confess to the relatives and even to the doctor: such an intimate matter ! The CO2 laser vaginal resurfacing is a cutting-edge technology with the advantage of being painless, safe and effective.

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