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NB: if this is the first time you come at Juvilase for a treatment, we thank you to first book a pre-therapeutic appointment (mandatory but deducting from the treatment appointments). Thank you for your understanding. 

Please note that the treatments performed at Juvilase are not reimbursed by the main health insurances nor are there by the complementary ones. 

The Team Juvilase

Summary of our prices (VAT included):

- vaginal laser, one session : 550 CHF (discount applied when choosing a protocol of 3 to 5 sessions)

- laser + radio frequency (RF) resurfacing, entire face, one session: starting from 700 CHF without RF (900 CHF with RF)

- other body areas or specific demands (ablation of cutaneous lesions, scar reduction, brown spots, etc...) on quote

-  special offers are possible if multiple treatments are needed.

Nos services
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